A Message From The COACH

‘You can’t be a coach of others, if you won’t let someone coach you first’

Helping Those in Business

Encouragement and an Introduction

What an interesting time to expand a business?   The world has gone through a lot of transformation and lots more to still happen.  As I work on this expansion and web development there is chaos all around us. Having faith in our abilities and working together will ensure that Central Alberta will be stronger than ever and be a shining light for everyone with witness. 
Take the time to dig deep into your business and get the chores done that you have been waiting to do. You have the time now to complete or delegate what needs to get done for when the doors open again.

Stage-COACH Consulting started out of the desire to help others; which is needed more than ever at a time like this. I have been helping people since 2007 because I want to help and give back to my community.  Volunteering and being an entrepreneur has always been something I just do. It comes very naturally and this shows in how I care for our clients and look after their best interests.  Throughout my career I have been able to create a network of many friends and companies that all share the same belief. I help you and then, you help us. I give and then, we gain together.  I truly believe that as a Red Deer Business Coach and Consultant (and maybe your Fixer of things you don’t want to do), that if you love your clients then you will work harder for them, produce increased results for them and receive much in return.  “How can you create the best outcomes for your clients?” This is something that I think about before ever having a meeting with someone. Research, change and improve for the better is our motto and we always find ways to improve.

As a sales guy, business consultant and manager for over 30 years I have seen money come and go, clients open and close, and companies purchase others with terrible execution.  What remains constant is the way you treat others. I see this most evident in Red Deer and Central Alberta. We pull together and care about each other. This is again evident now during this COVID-19 shutdown.  Yes big box stores arrive in town but there is still a rich history of us helping each other and all succeeding. Local business is important and it relies on each other supporting what each of us has built and now offers.  Having lived in Ontario for the first 24 years of my life, I have seen what a big city is like and how people just run around too busy to know who they are even talking to. They pass others on the street and just ignore them.  Not even making eye contact. At Stage-COACH Consulting we will not treat you like you have COVID-19. We will talk with you, and care about your business and look after whatever you ask us to! Fix what needs to get done!  We will research, change and improve your company so that you come out on top!

With tools like The COVID Business Survival Plan or a specialized program tailored just for you. Stage-COACH Consulting will provide the value you are looking for, the confidence to move forward and bring the community of Red Deer and Central Alberta to come to your aid.  We will find out what your goals and dreams are and also what is stopping them from becoming reality. Let’s talk about what you want and then make a plan to make that happen. We can fix the small things that are in your way or put together a team around you that will complete a big project.  Making you feel comfortable with an action plan, talking about what you like and tailoring everything to your individual needs is our priority. We will not give you a common internet copied approach that anyone can give. We will find what is just right for you and only you. Let us show you how much we care about your business.

Hang in there, help is just a call away.  Talk to you soon.

Committed to helping clients succeed ~ Graham Barclay

Let My Experience Be Your Guide 

Your free initial consultation includes our Meeting Report with key points that you can put to work NOW

History & Experience

Professional Development
  • Executive Management Communication
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Cost Management Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Financial Recommendations
  • Organization of Teams
  • Team Building/Advancement
  • Public Speaking
  • Key Client Retention 
  • Policy Development
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Saved companies thousands of dollars through careful and detailed financial auditing
  • Three times President’s Club Award Winner for sales achievement, with three different products
  • Creation of entire new company division from vendor choice, internal processes, sales compensation, training and external marketing.
  • Design of online marketing campaigns to maintain business revenue in times of recession
  • Well respected team player, executing high levels of customer service
  • Client list including: lawyers, school board, architects, government departments, and many others
Community Leadership

A community volunteer with over 13 years experience leading and guiding non-profit associations through a period of growth, program expansion, attrition and emergencies. Additionally, providing financial guidance, advocacy and mentorship to Boards of Directors so they are able to help the clients they serve.

Chairman, Board of Directors

Director, Board of Directors
BRIDGES COMMUNITY LIVING, (seniors housing), Red Deer, AB

Vice-Chair Finance, Board of Directors

First Vice President, Board of Directors

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