COVID19 – Business Strategy Assistance


During this unprecedented economic time, businesses are trying to preserve, conserve and save what they have worked hard to achieve. Slow-downs, temporary closures and permanent closures are a scary time economically for many businesses and keeping positive, focused and forward thinking can be very difficult.  We understand and we here to help.  Even if you just want to bounce ideas off each other or really dive in and get some assistance, we are here for you.  Reach out, talk to us and implement some change for the better.



Let’s turn that business anxiety into productive planning and moving forward. We want to help the community thrive and this is our contribution. 
Stage-COACH Consulting is currently looking for companies that we can help specifically through this shutdown and assist during this unique business adjustment.  Let’s work on your plan to help you get back on your feet. We will be working for you at an upfront ZERO dollar price point for consultation to help get our economy boosted. If you win, we win. We will only be paid if your business is benefiting from our services—and that will be, at this special time, a fee based on a % of the results.

We want to help you, and the economy, and you help us by giving us the opportunity to work hard, build your network of companies that can help, and grow through this. This will include online meetings, email correspondence, and whatever it takes to get us all moving again. Topics covered will be customized to your companies needs.

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